How do I go back to Hubtrak’s home page?

Just click on the hubtrak logo at the header part and it will redirect you to the homepage

How do I create an event on my calendar?

Login to the site, click on the dashboard tab, look into the calendar section and then click the create a new event

How do I invite my employees to Hubtrak?

  • First is to login on the app.hubtra.us
  • And then click on the company wherein you will see the lists of company that you have
  • Choose and click the specific company and then Invite tab will show under on it
  • If your already on the Invite tab, just fill up the email, choose the role and put a message on it 
  • Once your done, click send and your all good

What are the required steps a new invited user has to do to set up the account?

  • Once user got invitation from the employer, they will receive a notification with the register link on their email
  • And then when they have the invitation link, just click on and it will redirect you to the registration page.
  • If your already on the registration page, just fill out the required information and when your done, click complete signup
  • After that, it will notify you via email for the activation link
  • Click on the activation link and then your goods to go

How does hubtrak work?

Hubtrak works like a modern day ERP system. It assures that the data is organized in an easy, accessible, and usable way.

Is the data secured? How is it secured?

Yes it is. Siteground have sophisticated IDS/IPS systems which block malicious bots and attackers plus update the security rules weekly for protecting the customers from the most common attacks. They check for a high number of failed login attempts from hosts and filters as well and many more.

Is there any safeguard against external hacking threats?

Basically, users can only see data once they login and based on their assigned company; otherwise there is no way they can get the info on the other users if they are not connected to the company.

Can I retrieve my data if it is lost?

Yes, we have a daily backup from the server wherein we can restore all files and database options if ever needed or if ever data is lost.

Does the website or application have antivirus software protection?

Yes, our websites and apps are secured and safe from viruses.

Who can access our business’s data?

Data accessibility depends on the user type.  The administrator has the one with full-control of all the data and functionalities, other users are limited and depend on the settings that is given from the administrator.

How is Hubtrak different from other management tools?

Hubtrak is distinct from other management tools because of its GPS-based tracking, which enables you to track the location of your team members at all times. In addition to the GPS tracker, Hubtrak provides the ability to monitor time and attendance from multiple locations.

What is the email contact for general Hubtrak support questions?

Please contact hubtrak.team@gmail.com

General guidelines for Hubtrak

Do not constitute harassment of any kind.
Do not scam users, phishing attempts, or defraud workers
Do not use Hubtrak GPS tracking beyond personal use.

How do I create a task for my employees?

Go to your company then on the left side click on “projects” then “create project”. You can create as many projects as you want.

How do I monitor project progress?

Go to your company’s project then on the right side you can view the percentage progress of your project.

How do I invite employees to my company?

Go to the “invite” on the left side then click on “send invites” fill in the information and click “send”. Wait for the employee to accept the invitation.

How can I monitor my employee's work hours?

Go to “reports” then choose the employee name and filter the date, in there you can view the screenshots, GPS tracking, timesheets, and URL tracking.

Does Hubtrak record voice and video?

No, and we never will. Hubtrak is a productivity tool, not surveillance software.

How to create a profile

First: Go to this link https://app.hubtrak.us/login/, then click on “sign up”.
Second: Fill in the information needed, then click “register”.
Third: Verify through your email and welcome to the Hubtrak management tool!

Does Hubtrak record voice and video?

No, and we never will. Hubtrak is a productivity tool, not surveillance software.

How do I respond to a comment on a task?

Go to the task then on the right bottom you will see “comment”. There you can easily collaborate with your concern regarding the task.

How do I upload a file or an image on a task?

Under the task go to the bottom part and click on “browse” choose a file to upload, you can also add a comment for your attachment then save it.

How do I update my task progress?

Under the task update status by changing the color mode into “in progress (purple), stuck(red), for review(blue), and complete(green)”.

How do I comment on the file image?

Go on the tasks that you have, click on the image and it will show you the image with the comment on the right side.

How do I update the status of a task?

You have two options to update the status of the tasks, first is to click the color box on the tasks lists, then it will show you the status type, just click on the status and it will automatically update. The other one is when you open the tasks, at the top right, you will see the dropdown wherein there’s an option status type of the tasks

How do I know when I have an assigned task?

If an employer or someone assigned you a task, it will notify you via email.  You will also get task notification on your dashboard.

How often does Hubtrak take screenshots?

Hubtrak take screenshots every 5 minutes by default but admin can change it to every 10 minutes or keep the 5 minutes default.  Employer/administrator has access to adjust the the screenshot settings.

Does Hubtrak record my screenshots?

Yes! Hubtrak will automatically capture your full desktop and all open windows into a screenshot when you start a timer. You can even turn off screenshots to save disk space.

Where are the screenshots stored?

Screenshots are stored in the report tab of the left side of user’s dashboard.  Go to the screenshot folder to view screenshots.  You can filter the screenshots by dates and projects.

Would the screenshot capture violate my privacy?

Screenshot capture would only be activated when you clock in for work.  It only captures your screen while you are at work.  Only your company’s administrator and/or manager can see your work screenshots.

How do I create a project?

From the dashboard, click ‘Create Project’. You will be taken to a new screen that will ask you for information about the project, such as name and budget.

How do I invite users or my colleagues to the project?

From the dashboard, click on the company, then choose the specific company. Then after that, you will see the projects tab, from there, you can click the project that you want and then click edit to add the members.

How do I make a status change on a project?

There’s no status on the project, only on the tasks

How do I set a deadline for a project?

First is to click on the specific project wherein you will see the edit tab, click on it and then update the date on it.

How do I create a task in a project?

Create a project first, from there you can see the create a task. Click on it and fill up the required fields. After that click save.

How to delete a project?

Go the specific project and then there’s a delete tab on it, just click on delete tab and it will delete the project

How do I see my work hours?

Go to “reports” and filter the date, in there you can view the screenshots, GPS tracking, timesheets, and URL tracking.

How does idle time work?

If you are passive or inactive for sometime, then idle time will be activated.

What is the idle time grace period?

It is generally 2 minutes, but it can be adjusted based on your employer.

How do I stay productive?

Do your job and stay active.

Where do I download my timesheet?

  • Go to Reports and then timesheets.
  • Click export and select one option, CSV or PDF

How do I submit my timesheet for approval?

  • Go to Reports and select Timesheet
  • Then select Submit for Approval

What types of files are available for download?

You can select a CSV or PDF file.

Is the file compatible with Quickbooks, Xero, ADP, and other payroll providers?


Can I instantly message and discuss work on chat?

Yes, you can message anyone who is currently online. 

Can I create multiple chat rooms or group threads?

Currently, you can only chat with your colleague(s) one on one or chat in one company’s chat room.

Can I send my colleague a message on Chat when they are offline?

Yes.  Your colleague will see your message when they log on Hubtrak.

Can I send a file on Chat?

Yes, there are limited file options you can send on Chat.

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