General Questions

How does hubtrak work?

Hubtrak works like a modern day ERP system. It assures that the data is organized in an easy, accessible, and usable way.

What are the required steps a new invited user has to do to set up the account?

  • Once user got invitation from the employer, they will receive a notification with the register link on their email
  • And then when they have the invitation link, just click on and it will redirect you to the registration page.
  • If your already on the registration page, just fill out the required information and when your done, click complete signup
  • After that, it will notify you via email for the activation link
  • Click on the activation link and then your goods to go

How do I invite my employees to Hubtrak?

  • First is to login on the
  • And then click on the company wherein you will see the lists of company that you have
  • Choose and click the specific company and then Invite tab will show under on it
  • If your already on the Invite tab, just fill up the email, choose the role and put a message on it 
  • Once your done, click send and your all good

How do I create an event on my calendar?

Login to the site, click on the dashboard tab, look into the calendar section and then click the create a new event

How do I go back to Hubtrak’s home page?

Just click on the hubtrak logo at the header part and it will redirect you to the homepage

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