Security And Privacy

Who can access our business’s data?

Data accessibility depends on the user type.  The administrator has the one with full-control of all the data and functionalities, other users are limited and depend on the settings that is given from the administrator.

Does the website or application have antivirus software protection?

Yes, our websites and apps are secured and safe from viruses.

Can I retrieve my data if it is lost?

Yes, we have a daily backup from the server wherein we can restore all files and database options if ever needed or if ever data is lost.

Is there any safeguard against external hacking threats?

Basically, users can only see data once they login and based on their assigned company; otherwise there is no way they can get the info on the other users if they are not connected to the company.

Is the data secured? How is it secured?

Yes it is. Siteground have sophisticated IDS/IPS systems which block malicious bots and attackers plus update the security rules weekly for protecting the customers from the most common attacks. They check for a high number of failed login attempts from hosts and filters as well and many more.

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