Task Management

How do I know when I have an assigned task?

If an employer or someone assigned you a task, it will notify you via email.  You will also get task notification on your dashboard.

How do I update the status of a task?

You have two options to update the status of the tasks, first is to click the color box on the tasks lists, then it will show you the status type, just click on the status and it will automatically update. The other one is when you open the tasks, at the top right, you will see the dropdown wherein there’s an option status type of the tasks

How do I comment on the file image?

Go on the tasks that you have, click on the image and it will show you the image with the comment on the right side.

How do I update my task progress?

Under the task update status by changing the color mode into “in progress (purple), stuck(red), for review(blue), and complete(green)”.

How do I upload a file or an image on a task?

Under the task go to the bottom part and click on “browse” choose a file to upload, you can also add a comment for your attachment then save it.

How do I respond to a comment on a task?

Go to the task then on the right bottom you will see “comment”. There you can easily collaborate with your concern regarding the task.

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