Category: Screen Capture

Would the screenshot capture violate my privacy?

Screenshot capture would only be activated when you clock in for work.  It only captures your screen while you are at work.  Only your company’s administrator and/or manager can see your work screenshots.

Where are the screenshots stored?

Screenshots are stored in the report tab of the left side of user’s dashboard.  Go to the screenshot folder to view screenshots.  You can filter the screenshots by dates and projects.

Does Hubtrak record my screenshots?

Yes! Hubtrak will automatically capture your full desktop and all open windows into a screenshot when you start a timer. You can even turn off screenshots to save disk space.

How often does Hubtrak take screenshots?

Hubtrak take screenshots every 5 minutes by default but admin can change it to every 10 minutes or keep the 5 minutes default.  Employer/administrator has access to adjust the the screenshot settings.